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The Benefits of Music In Health Care

Written/Compiled by St. Boniface Volunteer Donna Krawetz

An elderly man suffering from dementia becomes calm, alert and engaged in singing along with his fellow residents as a sense of joy and community takes hold among them.1 A child in a pediatric oncology clinic is invited to conduct a string quartet playing a selection of her choice, for the moment distracted from the reason she is in a hospital and empowered by participating in an enlivening activity she can control.2 A woman recovering from a stroke who cannot speak hastens her recovery by mouthing words to familiar songs and tapping her fingers in time with the tune.3 These scenes, spanning a diversity of people and health conditions, illustrate the universal power of music to stimulate well-being and healing.

While the use of music to promote health has been practiced by different cultures throughout human history, today many health care institutions are integrating music into their spectrum of services for patients.

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