Artists in Healthcare Manitoba (AIHM) brings the arts and healthcare together to benefit both communities.

Our Programs Include:

Music to My Ears

Artists in Healthcare Manitoba #1 from Leif Norman on Vimeo.

Art at the Bedside

Artists at the Bedside, March 2012 from Leif Norman on Vimeo.

Art by the Big Blue Chair
Rejuvenation, Resilience and Recovery – Selkirk Mental Health Centre
Service Canada Student Jobs
Dance Movement Therapy

2011 Student Excerpts

First day response from staff at Middlechurch 2011: WOW! I don’t know how you do it! The music students you send seem to get better every year. I’m not sure how that is possible because each student that we have had seems outstanding and yet again this year, Matthew has been here only a week …

2013 Student Excerpts

Service Canada Student Jobs 2013 Student Narrative Artists in Healthcare were pleased to have another eight summer students this summer. While we did not receive funding for Misericorida Hospital, their Foundation contributed funds so they could have a student. The student narrative speaks for itself. Each experience was rewarding and their contributions to the culture …

Art Donation Program for Healthcare Facilities

Gary Scherbain of Wah-sa gallery has initiated a new program for AIHM along with a gift of over two hundred works of art. He is retiring from the gallery and wants to help get art into our healthcare facilities. Artists in Healthcare, a Manitoba non-profit organization, provides an exciting opportunity for people to donate artworks …

Jocelyn House

Harp and Poetry

2012 Student Excerpts

Service Canada Student jobs narrative report – 2012 Artists in Healthcare, Mb. supervised 8 students this summer. Once again, we did not receive a placement for Misericordia Place and once again, their Foundation was able to fund a student for us. We were turned down in the Brandon Constituency but had enough funding to keep …

Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears was designed for Cancercare Manitoba in 2004.  The concept was one of travelling minstrels: skilled musicians who would play for patients, families and staff in chemotherapy treatment, radiation and clinic waiting areas, creating calm, soothing distraction from the stress and anxiety associated with illness and treatment. Great-West Life provided two years …

2010 Student Excerpts

My most profound experience was at the end of the day, Friday.

Visual Art in Healthcare

Artists in Healthcare Manitoba are interested in volunteers who would like to be involved with the new art at bedside program at St. Boniface Hospital. If you are

Memory Bundles

Nurses in the antenatal unit at St.Boniface Hospital approached Artists in Healthcare with a request for something they could place memorial articles in, for families who suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth. A local quilt artist designed a beautiful soft quilted envelope, lined in flannelette. The memory bundle holds a copy …

Past Programs