Kathleen Noelle Black: CancerCare MB in the Art by the Big Blue Chair program

Claire Stephanson:  Art at the Bedside at St Boniface Hospital and Grace Hospital


Some of the fine Musicians who perform for patients and staff in Hospitals and Care Facilities around Manitoba, brought to you by Artists in Healthcare Manitoba:

Lyndon W. Bournon

Luciano Armenti, “The Travelling Accordionist” musician at Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC) has been the lucky recipient of music therapy through Luciano Armenti. Luciano spends the majority of his time at SMHC with the patients of the Geriatric Program. He brings his accordion with him and moves throughout the building so that he can spend time with as many patients as possible. Many patients look forward to his visits and ask about him repeatedly throughout the week.

Lois Gillespieis a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and recording artist. She has performed locally and nationally for the past twenty years and her passion is to share music with audiences large or small. She loves shoes and all things pink or purple.

In his final year of the Jazz Studies program at the University of Manitoba, guitarist and vocalist Kyle Cobb is quickly becoming a staple of the music scene in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Possessing excellent technique on the guitar and an expansive repertoire, Kyle plays and sings with an effortless musicality.

Anne-Marie Williot

Anne-Marie Williot is a trilingual multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter hailing from rural Quebec, and now based in Winnipeg. Her song-writing brings to light hidden dream territories which murmur in the subterranean wells of our lives. Above ground, she spends her days koala-like in tree tops, caring for trees as a professional arborist. A honed poet and performer who writes and sings  in French, Spanish and English, she is also a skilled carpenter and gardener and has helped communities build and maintain their own sustainable, edible gardens. Her passion for nature and human nature is woven deeply into all of her pursuits. 

Anne-Marie Williot est une multi-instrumentiste et auteure-compositeure-interprète.  Originaire du Québec rural, elle vit maintenant à Winnipeg.  Ses compositions illuminent les territoires cachés des rêves, qui murmurent dans les puits souterrains de nos vies.  Arboriste professionnelle, elle passe ses journées comme un koala, au sommet des arbres dont elle prend soin.  Poète et interprète, elle écrit et chante en français, anglais, et espagnol.  Elle est aussi menuisière et jardinière, et a aidé à plusieurs communautés à construire et maintenir leurs propres jardins comestibles.  Sa passion pour la nature et pour la nature humaine est tissée profondément dans tout de qu’elle fait.

Ann Germani
Liz Goossen
Lynn and Peter McClure
Jess Reimer
Aaron Shorr
Kris Ulrich
Willie Wiebe

Past Musicians:

Tim Cummings

Alex Derlago

Ron Halldorson

Myron Kurjewicz

Vanessa Kuzina

Ariel Posen

Keith Price

Tim Seier

Ivan Sifrim

Jacob Tallman

Matthew Zimmerman