April 2024 Thank you to the Aspers

“Artists in Healthcare would like to acknowledge and celebrate the generous ongoing funding which The Gail Asper Family Foundation and The Asper Foundation have gifted us with for close to a decade. 

Anyone working in the charitable sector knows that the cycle of yearly grant applications for programs and projects is often related to a corporate focus which can shift as trends do. 

This means that you can initiate something that’s wonderful for a given community, only to risk losing it once it’s been established because priorities change.  To have supporters who value the work you do in a larger sense, and remain consistently interested in your work, can be somewhat rare. 

We are so grateful for The Gail Asper Family Foundation and the Asper Foundation’s continued interest in our Art at the Bedside program, which is resuming post covid, in 2024 at St. Boniface Hospital and starting up at Health Sciences Centre.”