July 2021 George Bajer-Koulack

George Bajer-Koulack

It has been an amazing opportunity to do regular music programs for such an extended period of time. I’ve really been able to develop some great relationships with residents. There’s quite a group of music enthusiasts now. Some of the staff tell me certain residents are so excited for my programs that they show up an hour in advance! I was shocked the other day by a resident who rarely ever speaks.

I was playing a Johnny Cash tune that is a favourite of many of the residents and when I finished, she opened her mouth and said in a loud, clear voice “we love you”! Another resident offers me a little drawing each time I play on his floor as a sign of gratitude (almost always the same picture). The other day there was a gentleman who really got into it! he was sitting right beside me and whenever I began to play he would start slapping his knees or clapping his hands in rhythm.

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Daria and Ivanka Watkin MEDLEY Concert Series

The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Safe at Home Manitoba and Artists in Healthcare are proud to bring you another fabulous concert!

Art at the Bedside

Art at the Bedside

The purpose of the Art at the Bedside program is to introduce ideas and materials that invite patients to engage in a creative process of self-expression offering a pleasant diversion during their hospital stay, while enjoying the company of interested and committed volunteers. This project was made possible by a grant from the Winnipeg Foundation and included a research component, as well as documentation, to discover if an art program can be successfully delivered by volunteers from the community with a professional artist providing training and mentorship.


Art at the Bedside Final Report

Service Canada Summer Jobs

Here are the musicians involved with the 2021 year:

Luciano Armenti

Ashley Au

Kyle Cobb

Ann Germani

Lois Gillespie

Ryan Guth

Linda Hiebert

Grace Hrabi

Brian James

Dan Keding

George Bajer-Koulack

Nic Lawrenz

Naomi Leadbeater

Lynn and Peter McClure

Gabriela Ocejo

Jesse Popeski

Jess Reimer

Sam Singer

Aaron Shorr

Davide Verelli

Willie Wiebe

Anne-Marie Williot

Madeline Hildebrand | MEDLEY concert series

Please enjoy this concert brought to you by AIHM, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra!

    PERFORMER Madeline Hildebrand http://www.madelinehildebrand.com/

PROGRAM 1. Vítêzslava Kaprálová (1915-1940) April Preludes Allegro ma non troppo Andante Andante semplice 

2. Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) Preludes Op. 28, no. 15 “Raindrop” Prelude 

3. Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) Etude-tableau Op. 33, no. 7 Etude-tableau Op. 39, no. 5 

4. Scott Joplin (1868-1917) Maple Leaf Rag 5. James P. Johnson (1894-1955) Carolina Shout


Doctors use Music to help patients cope

From the NY Times

The Healing Power of Music

Music therapy is increasingly used to help patients cope with stress and promote healing.

April 8, 2021

“Focus on the sound of the instrument,” Andrew Rossetti, a licensed music therapist and researcher said as he strummed hypnotic chords on a Spanish-style classical guitar. “Close your eyes. Think of a place where you feel safe and comfortable.”

Music therapy was the last thing that Julia Justo, a graphic artist who immigrated to New York from Argentina, expected when she went to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Union Square Clinic for treatment for cancer in 2016. But it quickly calmed her fears about the radiation therapy she needed to go through, which was causing her severe anxiety.

“I felt the difference right away, I was much more relaxed,” she said.

Andrew Rossetti, a licensed music therapist in New York, uses guitar music and visualization exercises to help calm patients undergoing medical treatments.Credit…John Smith

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3 ways music is beneficial to your health

Mar 15, 2021 – McMaster University –

“Given the deep connection that most of us have with music, it should come as no surprise that researchers around the world continue to investigate music’s therapeutic benefits. Besides being enjoyable to listen to, music can help to improve walking speed, reduce anxiety around hospital stays, and improve overall behavioural issues in people with dementia. Music is a safe, simple, and inexpensive strategy; however, it continues to be an underused tool. Whether for yourself, or a loved one, consider incorporating more music into your everyday life and enjoy the many benefits it provides.”

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Healing power of music tapped for healthcare workers

“A virtual pilot study to investigate how music therapy can improve the mental health of healthcare workers has been launched by Simon Fraser University and Music Heals. The study will focus on the healing effects of music on healthcare workers who are at a higher risk of developing PTSD, trauma, depression and other mental health disorders.

Notably, the COVID-19 pandemic has added to their workload, increased stress and mental health concerns for healthcare professionals.”

…read more at”


Support for live music

Artists in Healthcare are delighted and grateful for the Zita and Mark Bernstein Family Foundation’s gift to fund George Bajer-Koulack’s music at Misericordia Health Centre.  George is able to play inside, fully PPE trained, for residents, making a profound difference in their quality of life with his joyful, engaging presence.  Our sincere thanks for this most meaningful gift.

9 Health Benefits of Music

“Music can improve mood, decrease pain and anxiety, and facilitate opportunities for emotional expression. Research suggests that music can benefit our physical and mental health in numerous ways. Music therapy is used by our hospice and palliative care board-certified music therapist to enhance conventional treatment for a variety of illnesses and disease processes – from anxiety, depression and stress, to the management of pain and enhancement of functioning after degenerative neurologic disorders.”

“Max Lerman, Hospice and Palliative Care Music Therapist from Spiritual Care and Music Therapy at NorthShore, highlights some of the benefits music has on health and well-being:

It’s heart healthy. Research has shown that blood flows more easily when music is played. It can also reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.”

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From: https://www.northshore.org/healthy-you/9-health-benefits-of-music/#:~:text=Music%20therapy%20can%20relax%20an,It%20eases%20pain.