Telus Future Friendly Foundation

Artists in Healthcare are delighted that the Telus Future Friendly Foundation awarded $10,000 to fund a very successful songwriting program at the Manitoba Adolescent Youth Treatment Centre.

Songwriting has provided incredible outcomes with youth, allowing them to express feelings and have meaningful and healing conversations safely.
Here are some comments from young songwriters:

“Thank you so much for coming here, this has been really seriously helping me.”

“I’m going to stop getting fake nails so I can learn how to play the guitar.”

“I love this, I’m going to keep writing after I’m out of here.”


“Oh, so you can practice expressing yourself, and you’ll get better at it…”


“I’ve always wanted to write a song, this is awesome.”

“We’ve been really impressed with the engagement we’ve been seeing. Everyone has been really interested and they get excited for every class.” -MATC staff


There are amazing mental health benefits from telling and sharing your story … thank you Telus!