Art Donation Program



Please join us on November 28 at 10:30 am

in the Grace Hospital Cafeteria for a launch event and refreshments.

Artists in Healthcare Manitoba today announced the launch of a program that will see artwork collected for display in various health care facilities across the province.

“The Art Donation Project for Healthcare Facilities will help transform spaces where clinical care is provided,” said Shirley Grierson, Executive Director of Artists in Healthcare Manitoba.  “The therapeutic benefits of art are well established, and this program will help enhance not just the patient experience, but also the experience for visitors and staff.”

Artist Leland Bell. Was Sa Gallery

The program is straightforward.  Artists in Healthcare Manitoba seeks out and collects donations of art.  Donors receive a charitable tax receipt and if they wish, can specify a health care facility for their donation.  Artists in Healthcare Manitoba assures that the art is properly appraised, that the subject matter is appropriate and that the art is suitably framed and behind glass.

Once that art is received by a health care facility, they are free to display it, or can even sell it at a charitable event or via consignment.  The art is provided to the facilities free of any encumbrances.  Participating facilities include; Concordia Foundation, Deer Lodge Centre Foundation, Grace Hospital Foundation, Misericordia Health Centre Foundation, Pan Am Clinic Foundation, Riverview Health Centre Foundation, Selkirk Mental Health Centre, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, Victoria General Hospital Foundation and A Port in the Storm (a residence that provides accommodations for people coming to the city for health care).

The program was created by Gary Scherbain, the long-time owner of the Wah-Sa Gallery, in collaboration with Artists in Healthcare Manitoba.

“There are many beautiful collections of art in Manitoba,” Mr. Scherbain said.  “As collectors get older and begin to downsize, they often seek opportunities to either sell or donate.  This program provides the perfect vehicle for them.”

Artists in Healthcare Manitoba is a not for profit group that offers many services, including bringing art and music to the bedside in most health care facilities in Winnipeg.

Please join us on November 28 at 10:30 am in the Grace Hospital Cafeteria for a launch event and refreshments.

For more information please contact Jon Einarson at 204-837-0488.