Manitoba Chamber Orchestra Videos

Please find a link to our newest project, another wonderful collaboration with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.  Thanks to grants from Dave Johnston of the Johnston Group and The Winnipeg Foundation, musicians are recording live/virtually from their homes to create a concert series free to all patients and staffs.

Currently posted are three videos of holiday music with more coming today.  More varied programs will be added in the coming weeks so please let people know to keep checking back for new content. We hope to be able to continue adding new music throughout lockdowns and restrictions, until our musicians can return inside to play when it is safe to do so.
If you are a Volunteer Services Manager, or hospital communications staff, please share the link with all program administrators in your hospital so that their staff can be informed and share with patients.  Anyone can access this using their iphone or tablet.
If you can connect to a large flat screen in your atrium or front entrance, please do so!  It is the best time of year for music to bring us together.
The link is also going to our musicians to share directly with any units/staff that they have email access to.
With thanks for your help getting this ‘out’ to as many units as possible, so staff are aware and can share widely.
Artists in Healthcare and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra wish you all the very best of the season!