Ann Germani

Ann Germani is a professionally trained musician and teacher who discovered and developed her passion for playing the harp while living on Baffin Island, Nunavut.

Since then, she has been performing at Ceilidhs, Community Concerts and Festivals, with orchestras and choirs, and is currently playing second harp with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Ann has lectured, conducted workshops, and helped establish music education programs in libraries, pre-school centres, conservatories, schools and colleges across Canada.ann_photo3

A poem, Jan 2013

Poetry from the hospital;

“Stick by twig
my nest is pulled away,
As love, the mother eagle
has her way

All that keeps me safe-
built e’er so high,
must go
for she would have me fly.

Still, seed I am
the soil is ever high
mine the cross, the grave
the sky”

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Lois, Vanessa and Stacey

Today at St. Boniface Hospital local AIHM artists Lois Gillespie, Vanessa Kuzina and Stacey Kemmesies sing for the folks on E4 during the afternoon tea.

It was like the Andrews Sisters came for tea- time.

Photo Vanessa Stacey and Lois at St. Boniface Hospital october 2012

Music Heroes!

Cheers to Lois Gillespie and Tim Cummings for their profile with
They were noted in their ‘music heroes’ section on health causes.

CMU student Stacey Kemmesies will be playing her practicum at St. Boniface Hospital and Tache Centre/Action Marguerite this academic year. Artists in Healthcare are delighted to have Stacey.

Filling Hospitals with Music

The impact is immediate and huge and it shows you why you chose to be an artist.
-Keith Price, guitarist

They’re like travelling minstrels, making their way through the lobbies and the wards of CancerCare, St. Boniface Hospital, the Grace Hospital and other healthcare facilities.

Art by the Big Blue Chair, CancerCare Manitoba

CancerCare Manitoba – Art by the Big Blue Chair

Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 10.55.13 AM

This new program funded through a grant to Artists in Healthcare from the Manitoba Arts Council began Aug 20th.

“Thanks to Lulu from Poco beads for donating beads and kits to the patients at Cancercare Manitoba and St. Boniface Hospital programs!”

I asked our artist Kate Black, if she had any stories for our board, to help us get a feel for how the new art at bedside program was going and received the following:

Of course I have stories!

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Healing with Music in Turkey

Doctors at a hospital in Istanbul are turning to an unusual form of medicine – music. Music therapy may sound a strange approach to modern medicine but according to doctors at the Memorial hospital in the Turkish capital it is producing results.

The man behind the drive is Professor Bingur Sonmez and he has been joined by his colleagues Dr Erol Can and Mehmet Susam in order to revive the traditional Islamic idea of music therapy. Continue reading

Cre8ive Art Supplies

Cre8ive Supplies is pleased to offer art specialists working with Artists in Healthcare a daily discount of 20% on all retail purchases, and free sign-up for our reward points program.

All they have to do is identify themselves as a network affilliate of Artists in Healthcare at the time of their purchase.
Additional discounts may be available on larger orders, just ask!

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Canadian Virtual Hospice

Here is a link to information and support on palliative and end-of-life care, loss and grief.

Aaron Shorr’s guitar has a healing effect

“Artists in Healthcare,
I would like to thank all of you for your hard work. I can imagine sometimes your work can seem like it goes unnoticed, or unappreciated but it contributes to many success stories of people surviving cancer, or having a better quality of life.
My father is a cancer survivor, so directly or indirectly, I thank you.
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