Myron Kurjewicz. Accordion Master

“I had finished playing @ Rehab and was on my way to the General Centre when I came in contact with a group of children what appeared to be from day-care.

There were probably 6-7 walking all in a row, holding a rope, guided by their supervisors. They stopped when they saw me walking with my accordion, and

we started to chat about my “big piano” that I was carrying, asking how it worked and if I could play them a song. Well, you don’t think that another 6-7

youngsters, same as the first batch, came on the scene. Again, asking questions, and wanting me to play something. I made them a deal, that I would play

only if they all agreed to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  They got ready, I got ready, and we did it! If you can imagine 12-14 kids, belting out Twinkle Twinkle

Little Star near the elevators at a busy intersection at the hospital. People/patients/staff  stopping,  taking pictures with their phones, smiling, filming, laughing, and clapping.

That was certainly a memorable “Kodak” moment for us all.”


A Virtuoso of the accordion, Myron has been featured at the Winnipeg New Music Festival, twice, and has been volunteering at the Health Sciences Centre for three years, and spreads joy through the halls!

“All in all things are good playing at  HSC. As you may recall, I started playing at 2nd floor and 5th floor at the rehab. That has expanded

now to the 6th floor as well at the rehab, and also to the 5th floor and the 7th floor @ the General Centre. Sometimes feel like I need

running shoes, extra vitamins, and Gypsy blood, because I have to move quickly to see all of the patients. The stories and experiences

are wonderful, and as much as people seemingly enjoy the music, I share with them that those warm words and feelings work both ways.

There certainly is a huge sense of self satisfaction and gratitude for me in many respects, and for that, I am truly grateful.

That’s about it for now…have to go practice.

Be well. TakeCare”


Tim Seier plays the Buhler Gallery


Over 200 Artists tackle the Illness Experience

Posted on March 31, 2014 by  in Patient Commando Blog

““Mira, Mira on the wall” was the refrain that came to mind when young Mira Berlin (MFA) presented her idea 3 years ago for an art show representing the personal illness experiences of artists. After she left my office, I thought about whether the refrain’s connection to the fairy tale was applicable to the concept.

Three years later, the fairy tale reference can be discarded. A collective of European academic, art and industry leaders has produced a vivid expression of illness through the eyes of artists working in collaboration with patients.

Spain-Coexistentia-5‘Perspectives – Art, Inflammation and Me’ is an initiative designed to add a different dimension to the current understanding of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) and their impact on patients and society.  The exhibition debuted at the 9th Congress of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 20 with more than 100 unique pieces of art.”

read more at:

News from Vanessa Kuzina

vintage_flora1ff94b6Spring Reflections
Welcome to my newsletter. I appreciate you taking a few moments to read about what I have coming up in my musical life. I hope my musings find you well and leave you feeling a little warmer. Please don’t fret if you’d like to unsubscribe, I understand.With the many months of Winnipeg winter nearly behind us, it is refreshing to look ahead

Vanessa Kuzina Portrait by Victoria Anne Photography

Vanessa Kuzina Portrait by Victoria Anne Photography

toward the slowly approaching spring. Although it has been one of the hardest winter’s we’ve known there was beauty and stillness in the many short and cold days. I am very excited to announce an upcoming solo show to help bring in the Spring. Summer will be here before we know it!

Solo Show Friday May 2nd

It has been many a moon since I have performed an evening of my solo material in my home town. I am thrilled to share an evening of songs with you at one of my favourite and most intimate concert spaces in Winnipeg. It will be my pleasure to have my good friend and colleague Marcel Desilets accompanying me on stage. I’m honoured the Winnipeg Folk Festival is presenting this  show at their lovely downtown venue The Folk Exchange. I hope you can make it!

The Folk Exchange
211 Bannatyne Avenue
Friday May 2nd
Doors: 7:15 PM, Show: 8:00 PM

Tickets available in advance at the Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store in person or by phone with credit card, (204) 231-1377. General Admission, All Ages, Seating – first come, first served.

For more information click here!

News from St Boniface

Sierra Sherry two

Sierra Noble plays music at St Boniface Hospital

Well I’m still getting over yesterday’s visits to the units with Sierra, it was truly an uplifting experience for me!    And to end off by visiting CR4, with the lovely husband who serenaded to his wife while strumming with Sierra’s guitar  and Sierra playing the fiddle…unbelievable, we were all moved by it.

I must say Sierra handled herself in such moments as on CR4 with great style…what a well rounded and mature person, a true gem.
Shirley, thanks so much for bringing us Sierra and having her perform,  it was well received by all.   I had a few staff members stop me today and say how wonderful it was and hoped she can come back!
Thanks Helene for passing along the information of Sierra’s willingness to perform for our staff at the picnic in June.  What a treat.


Annual General Report, 2013

Click on image to read the AIHM Report for 2013.

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Click here to read the AIHM Report for 2013

Patients Voices

Lawrence LeMoal

Lawrence LeMoal

Lawrence LeMoal is a palliative cancer patient and patient-centred care advocate. Lawrence LeMoal (formerly Director, Patients and Families First & Government Relations for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses) is on permanent disability while undergoing treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Lawrence was employed by various unions before joining SUN in 1980 where he worked in education, communications, labour relations, health reform, research and policy.

During his last year with SUN, he accessed training in mediation, leadership, and conflict resolution. He credits this experience with SUN, and his involvement in applied research projects, health leadership forums, and quality improvement conferences and initiatives, with providing the foundation for his continuing interest in health system reform. He is currently a Patient Advisor for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, writes a blog for the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, and serves as a Patient Advisor on several Ministry of Health committees.

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ArtBridges is a Canada-wide hub for community-engaged arts. We inform people about and connect them with community-engaged arts initiatives. ArtBridges aims to improve access to arts and art-making for Canadians — focusing on under-resourced and under-served communities.

Volunteer Week

Myron with patient with harmonicaIt’s Volunteer Week and Artists in Healthcare have more than a few to celebrate. We are very fortunate to have four volunteer musicians at Health Sciences Centre bringing accordions, guitars and voices to patients every week.

The Art at the Bedside Program at St Boniface Hospital, a program begun through a Winnipeg Foundation grant, is delivered at the bedside with up to fifteen volunteers. It could not happen without the help of the volunteers!

Artists in Healthcare’s Coordinator Claire Stephensen works with Director Shelley Young and her staff to bring collage, weaving, print making, beading and other hands on projects to patients at St. Bonface.

AIHM is a thriving and growing organization thanks to the dedication of out volunteer Board of Directors: Tom Carson, Pam Campbell, Dan Donahue, Kat Fox, Jennifer Dubienski, Lea Girman, Geof Langen and David Northcott.

sadie art at the bedside two

Artists at the Bedside, March 2012 from Leif Norman on Vimeo.

Manitobans for the Arts

Arts and culture are essential to Manitoba’s Prosperity and Quality of Life.

Find out more about this vibrant new organization!

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