From me to you

A poem written by a patient in Brandon about guitarist Matt and fiddler Maria – to thank them for what their music did.

From Me to You

I hope you know
The emptiness consumes you
Being hollow makes you cry
A dismal wall surrounds you
You only want to die

The words don’t make you whole again

the drug can’t make you heal

Each day is just a barren haze

You’re never sure you’ll heal

Life has nothing left to give

No reason you can find

To live in this darkened world

When sorrow fills your mind


But then they come to visit

with a simple mission planned

They’re bringing music to us all

From their swift and gifted hands


You don’t think it will be helpful

You barely want to go

You think maybe you could stand it

If the music’s sad and slow


You listen to them tuning

Your mind inclined to drift

Their hand at last are ready

And they share with you their gift


By sound your breath is stolen

The music drives you back

This is not what you expected

Your mind goes sharply off its track


You feel as though you’ve learned a truth

That joy is really SOUND

Happiness sails from every string

And your heart begins to pound


You’d forgotten how to feel this light

Perhaps you never knew

Their playing gives you more than wings

You can’t believe it’s true


Excitement builds with every note

Hope blossoms like a flower

How can this be? You live again!

The music hands you power.


You want to weep, you want to laugh

To dance about and sing

To shout aloud how stunned you are

And let your freedom ring


Your whole being’s feeling grateful

You’ve been released from sorrow’s trap

You need to thank your saviours

But how? You only clap.


I’ll find a way to let you know

To be sure you realize

Exactly what it meant for me

See your gift through grateful eyes.


Before you I’d forgotten

That I could feel like that

Be proud of what you give to us.

Thank you, Maria and Matt.