Annual Report: April 2020 – March 2021

Artists in Healthcare Manitoba Annual Report 2020 – 2021:Here is the Artists in Healthcare’s newly designed Annual Report –

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Music for St Amant Centre

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Here is what some St. Amant staff are saying about Artists in Healthcare:

“Music, most especially online performance with Erica during this period has been relaxing as well as creating fun moments for our residents. Often times, the period tend to be engaging as some of the residents on my unit sing along and interact with the musician to make requests of their choice of music.  It also brings back good memories, as can be observed by their facial expressions full of smiles when some old tunes are played. I believe this is a laudable project that need to be supported.

AHS E/W join Music in Healthcare sessions Monday – Friday. The music tends to relax and calm our clients especially those who are bored for not being able to go out of the unit because of the weather or being smoky outside. It also enables them to participate as a group or individually in their rooms and for them to see their friends from other units on the screen.

Well, I work with a lot of individuals who love to sing so they are very happy to join in and start singing. One of my “singers” not that long ago suffered a stroke, so not only was the music good for him to lift his spirits but by him trying to sing it started to work his mouth muscles ( so almost like a physiotherapy).

I have individuals who will dance in her chair when music starts and another who moves her foot to the music and another who moves her hand. So again, not only giving them obvious enjoyment but encouraging movement to people who do not have a wide range of motion

I have one individual who loves all the goldy oldies like Johnny Cash and Elvis but when she hears a song she likes and doesn’t know ( usually a more current song) she will ask what it is and if we can add it to her IPAD playlist. So, she’s getting exposed to new things she may not have otherwise.

When the music is playing the group is together everyone is enjoying the music together and sharing in the same experience. It’s  just a fun time.

As they say music is the universal language so what better way to be inclusive.”

This is a great opportunity for the people we support to participate and enjoy in a therapeutic activity. Music provides a variety of experiences, from uplifting , calming, engaging in community and social settings. Virtual music has brought people together in a time where meeting in person just isn’t an option.

Aaron Shorr, a Baroque Trio and Marco Castillo and Davidian Chorley

Aaron Shore Concert! Sept 2, 2021

Aaron Shorr

For Paul Simon lovers, Aaron Shorr will be presenting a free concert next week at the Lyric. Aaron has been playing at St. Boniface Hospital and CancerCare MB with Artists in Healthcare for well over a decade.

I’ve been hard at work restarting a project that is near and dear to my heart. I fell in love with Paul Simon’s music in my teen years, and just a few years ago launched Still Crazy: The Music of Paul Simon. Prior to the pandemic, we were looking at some tour dates around western Canada, and some in Europe, but alas the world turned upside down, and things were put on hold. Continue reading

Three more Concert Series Videos

Jocelyn Gould, Raine Hamilton and Ambasel bring you music to enjoy at home.




More stories from George

George Bajer-Koulack

I don’t think that words alone can express the impact of these music programs, but I will try my best!

This has been a particularly sombre year. Covid restrictions have prevented us from doing group programs and for months residents have been practically confined to their rooms. Though our staff continues to do amazing work, many of the residents have been suffering from boredom and loneliness.


When I come in there the halls are usually empty and quiet (not counting the constant beeping and humming of medical equipment). I usually just sit or stand in the hallway and start singing a gentle tune like edelweiss to let people know that I’ve arrived.


As I play signs of life gradually begin to emerge, heads begin to peek out of doorways and applause might drift out of people’s rooms between songs. Once I can see that most people are awake and engaged I start to sing more fun, upbeat songs like “hey good lookin” or “walk the line”. This is when the magic really starts to happen!

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July 2021 George Bajer-Koulack

George Bajer-Koulack

It has been an amazing opportunity to do regular music programs for such an extended period of time. I’ve really been able to develop some great relationships with residents. There’s quite a group of music enthusiasts now. Some of the staff tell me certain residents are so excited for my programs that they show up an hour in advance! I was shocked the other day by a resident who rarely ever speaks.

I was playing a Johnny Cash tune that is a favourite of many of the residents and when I finished, she opened her mouth and said in a loud, clear voice “we love you”! Another resident offers me a little drawing each time I play on his floor as a sign of gratitude (almost always the same picture). The other day there was a gentleman who really got into it! he was sitting right beside me and whenever I began to play he would start slapping his knees or clapping his hands in rhythm.

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Daria and Ivanka Watkin MEDLEY Concert Series

The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Safe at Home Manitoba and Artists in Healthcare are proud to bring you another fabulous concert!

Art at the Bedside

Art at the Bedside

The purpose of the Art at the Bedside program is to introduce ideas and materials that invite patients to engage in a creative process of self-expression offering a pleasant diversion during their hospital stay, while enjoying the company of interested and committed volunteers. This project was made possible by a grant from the Winnipeg Foundation and included a research component, as well as documentation, to discover if an art program can be successfully delivered by volunteers from the community with a professional artist providing training and mentorship.


Art at the Bedside Final Report

Service Canada Summer Jobs

Here are the musicians involved with the 2021 year:

Luciano Armenti

Ashley Au

Kyle Cobb

Ann Germani

Lois Gillespie

Ryan Guth

Linda Hiebert

Grace Hrabi

Brian James

Dan Keding

George Bajer-Koulack

Nic Lawrenz

Naomi Leadbeater

Lynn and Peter McClure

Gabriela Ocejo

Jesse Popeski

Jess Reimer

Sam Singer

Aaron Shorr

Davide Verelli

Willie Wiebe

Anne-Marie Williot